(Maryland Public Television, 2014)

(Maryland Public Television, 2014)

(WordPress, 2014)

(WordPress, 2014)

Lifelong learning was the focus of this week’s readings. I believe teachers who scaffold lifelong learning prepare students for the real world by promoting a life of endless learning. To adequately prepare by students for participation in a global digital economy, I feel digital competence is a crucial lifelong learning skill. European Parliament (2006) state digital competence involves the confident and critical use of information communication technologies (ICT) for employment, learning, self-development and participation in society. Additionally, Howell (2014) suggests digital competencies scaffold students to explicitly transition into a global information society. 


(Penniless Teacher, 2013)

(Penniless Teacher, 2013)

Having analysed the benefits concerning lifelong learning skills, specifically digital competencies, I recognize the ability to navigate online will propel a smooth transition into the real world.  Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (2008) support digital lifelong learning, suggesting rapid information advances are changing the way we share, develop and process information. The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting authority (ACARA) support this declaration through integrating digital technologies into content descriptors cross-curricula (ACARA, 2012). The six week reflective blog journey across the digital world has significantly developed my appreciation for digital technologies’. I now recognise how crucial digital technologies are to an aspiring teacher, who is living and working in the digital world.



Below I have presented life-long learning via a Prezi presentation, another Digital Technology I have embraced on my learning journey………………….





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