(Sanchez, 2014)

(Sanchez, 2014)

The living and working in a digital world journey continued this week, introducing engaging ways of digitally presenting information. I explored Pinterest and discovered a fresh outlook on accessing and presenting information. Initially, I did not realize the scope of options that Pinterest offered. Having experienced the website first hand, I can envision actively using this website in the classroom for classroom activities and lesson planning. For example, aggregating ideas and sources for a classroom project on recycling. BBC Active (2010) suggests that students use Pinterest for collaborative work, independent work and grouping resources. Furthermore, BBC Active highlight that teachers can utilize the “Pinning boards” to collaborate with other teachers by sharing resources, videos, images and infographics.

Pinterest creates a social network environment of endless possibilities. For example, students and teachers can share and comment on each other’s work, stay on top of educational news and trends, and find new ways to decorate the classroom (Wells, 2012). To create an engaging learning environment, websites such as Pinterest will be essential to me as a future teacher. To extend a dynamic, tech powered learning environment, teachers need to shift from owning information and learning, towards facilitating information and learning (Barseghian, 2011). Pinterest is an example of teachers putting their collective smarts together to engage 21st century students.




Barseghian, T. (2011). Three trends that define the future of teaching and learning. Retrieved from   http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2011/02/three-trends-that-define-the-future-of-teaching-and-learning/


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Aspiring Teacher? Would like to know how to captivate your students with Pinterest? Please watch the below Youtube videos!


Here are two Pinterest pages I created. The first I created for a possible anti-cyberbullying campaign for a school, the other identifies the features for living in a digital world.



An succinct example of using Pinterest in the classroom. This link would be useful to teachers seeking new ideas for art lessons.



For my own personal use, my daughter is 18 months, I searched for help to develop her fine motor skills and discovered this useful page with endless links with ideas for toddlers-:



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